How to Optimize Your CanadaHelps Charity Profile

Learn how to make the most of your CanadaHelps Profile. Did you know that all 86,000+ registered Canadian Charities already have a profile on CanadaHelps? You just need to claim it to start maximizing its impact.

Over 3.8 million Canadians have donated on the CanadaHelps website - make sure your charity is front and center. Charities with completed profiles show higher on the search results page and receive 5x more in donation revenue.

Why Charities Love CanadaHelps

"The charity profile is easy to set up and manipulate. We have received a significant increase in the number of donors who use the platform; donors appreciate that they can also give to their other favourite charities using one simple login."

"When there is a question, the CanadaHelps team is quick to respond with helpful answers. I’m very impressed and feel confident that using the CanadaHelps Charity Profile platform to represent St. Michael’s Foundation is the right choice. The platform is easy to use and navigate for donors to donate to charities. As a long-time client, I see a long journey ahead, as we look to CanadaHelps to spread the word and continue our partnership in the mission to raise funds to help the hospital provide the best patient care experience."

"We wanted our supporters to have the ability to donate to Lifewater Canada 24/7, but developing a front-end and back-end solution was prohibitively expensive. We were impressed by the wide range of Canadian charities already making use of the CanadaHelps giving platform. We were also impressed with the CanadaHelps search functionality that would enable us to introduce Lifewater Canada to millions of potential Canadian donors. The ability to offer those potential donors a detailed profile of Lifewater was essential.

We've experienced steady and sometimes very dramatic growth in our online giving, thanks to the 24/7 lifeline that CanadaHelps offers between us and our donors. We've been very impressed with the customer support CanadaHelps offers, whether it's by email or a phone call, there is always someone to help! We can't imagine fundraising without CanadaHelps as an essential partner."